The impertinence of Actaeon: the development of a new painting, Dancer Victory

After careful review of Hong Kong law I have removed this entry. Nude figures are regarded in East Asia as indecent and while Hong Kong law permits display of nude figures within “bona fide art galleries and museums”, they must not be visible outside the museum or gallery.

I have noticed that art stores sell a complete range of plaster casts for art training here but that none of them are the nudes commonly used by students in the West.

I support Chinese artists who use the nude to protest the harsh repression of Chinese life but as a non-Chinese person I have, I think, a special duty to abide by its law, whether on the mainland or here in Hong Kong.

I shall continue to share my researches in figure drawing using my own kinesthesia, anatomy, and sport and dance praxis on Facebook with a restricted Friend subgroup. If you’re interested in seeing this material become my Facebook friend and request to be added to “Can See Figurative Art”. On Facebook I am “Edward Nilges” in Hong Kong.

I have not so much respect for a law that is so selectively enforced in favor of the well to do as for the customs of the Chinese people which I feel I must respect.


3 Responses to “The impertinence of Actaeon: the development of a new painting, Dancer Victory”

  1. “but the paintings need to be shown in a gallery to be seen. I’m working on that.”

    In your dreams.

  2. spinoza1111 Says:

    Hi, Alan. As you remember, I already had an exhibit, which angered the moderator of the dysfunctional site, and caused you and him to start a destructive campaign in 2007 that included stalking and resulted in threats of violence made through that site. I realize that on an island of “artists” who cannot draw, people with jobs as editors and writers who can neither understand or write a complex sentence, and “friends of the earth” who cannot walk further than Wang Long, my figure drawing ability, writing skill, and athletic accomplishments, minor as any one ability might be, might be a form of trouble making…in a culture of disempowered and demoralized men.

    This culture is represented by Martin Booth, who in all of his Hong Kong memoir “Gweilo”could not find a single decent thing to say about his father, and one of the reasons for the situation on is the hatred of the father per se.

    No more replies of yours shall be approved at this site until the moderator of makes a public apology for enabling stalking and threats at his site with a link to facebook.

  3. spinoza1111 Says:

    Alan, I don’t like stalkers. I didn’t like them on, and I don’t like them here on wordpress. Welcome, therefore, to my spam queue.

    [I love wordpress!]

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