Anger Management

Wow, a lot of anger in the following post about wikipedia. I tried to contact my son over the holiday only to be met with a refusal, which was then justified using a strange logic that his Mom used to use on me.

He justified his refusal to speak with me over the phone by the reaction that was caused by what I consider his unnatural refusal to have that simple talk over the holidays. After his initial refusal, I took him to task speaking judgementally as if I had a clue. Bad mistake. To quote myself: “there are no fathers here, Mother dear, here in the muddle of the woods”.

I have to realize that my very habit of writing and speaking grammatically in complete sentences that attempt to do justice to all is kinda strange these days in this rapidly darkening Idiocracy of a world.

That is (das ist): you ask for common recognition, courtesy and decency, whether of your son or then-wife or strangers in technical discussion groups. You don’t get it because people, today, think it’s cute and democratic to be Authentic. One reacts to this like a man reacts, and this is used to justify the initial “authentic” remark, because complementary to egalitarian sadism is widespread cowardice and masochism: people in fact take real slights lying down these days.

I am setting up a series of appointments with my life coach and therapist over this “anger management” issue. One can’t be too careful these days: Alec Baldwin got into legal trouble after leaving an angry voicemail for his daughter, and Charlie Sheen was busted for being “menacing”. Gee, what’s next? Botox for guys so they won’t frown and be arrested for being “menacing”? In a world where the Big Other, in the form of money and power, menaces us each and every day?

The issues I have with the bullying of Herb Schildt and wikipedia are real. At the same time, I have been managing anger over real hurts for thirty years in a way that like the unknown work of art or unknown soldier has to be considered, by the artisan-soldier, something done for its own sake because it’s right.

My younger son never really was able to bond with me. He’s never called me Dad as my elder son often has.

Work also sucks, which is why they call it work. If it didn’t suck, they’d call it “beer”, or “the swimsuit edition of sports illustrated”.


2 Responses to “Anger Management”

  1. Edward Scissorhands Says:

    “Charlie Sheen was busted for being “menacing””
    “Mueller says Sheen placed a medium-sized, folding knife, blade exposed, next to her throat while he straddled her on the bed. Mueller says she was in pain and afraid she was going to die while Sheen’s hand was on her throat.”

    Well, if you think that kind of behaviour is unremarkable, no wonder your family has cut you off.

  2. spinoza1111 Says:

    No, I don’t think that behavior is acceptable at all. I didn’t see that story. Remember that it’s now under litigation and that legal stories can always be misleading.

    My understanding is that Charlie Sheen was accused of being “menacing” in the restaurant merely for angry words, not for the conduct you have described. What I say in the above post is in fact that our (male) tendencies to express anger in a certain way has to be examined by us, and “managed”, not approved of.

    Your implication is unwarranted, and part of the overall process is the way that people incite the “angry male” by extrapolating from insufficient evidence. If he glowers in a restaurant (or as in my case asks Princeton University’s housing director for housing assistance on the advice of friends in 1992) this doesn’t mean that he’s going to go “off”.

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