Running at Sixty

Listen! To an even better tune than Chariots of Fire, also by Vangelis: L’Enfant. Featured in Peter Weir’s film. The Year of Living Dangerously. The YouTube music will open in a separate window and you can come back here.

I know no other Heaven
And this, I know of Hell
The space I take when out of Breath…
This, my Angelus bell.

The Hill was there when a darkling Plain
Took the place of the wide wide Sea
The hill doesn’t care about such as Me
I take comfort in this Mystery.

The wounded Insect fills his wing
Again with what’s left of Blood
This is said to be a holy thing
As holy as the rood.

The pious Jain doth carry a Broom
With which to whisk away a fly
Lest he be shamed by corporal presence
Where each one is a soul, and an I

And so we come to to the top
Of a small hill: ’tis my Calvary
I miss Church each Sunday morn
But cannot ‘scape the mystery.

16 March 2010 Edward G. Nilges. Moral rights have been asserted, paradoxically enough. With apologies to Emily Dickinson for swiping her style.


One Response to “Running at Sixty”

  1. spinoza1111 Says:

    Darkling plain: it appears that during the last Ice Age, there was no water between Hong Kong and the Phillipines, or Malaysia and Indonesia, and that the islands of Indonesia were uplands: the South China Sea was, perhaps, a lake. Lamma Island was a mountaintop, perhaps holy and filled with dread to whoever lived here.

    Rood: the Cross.

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