Poem to sundry notes: Glenn Gould plays a Voluntary

Poem to sundry notes: Listen! Glenn Gould plays a Voluntary: the YouTube video will open in a separate window

The tourist in the Tower might get separated from his tour,
And hear childish whispering ghosts, like this music.
Playing tricks, stealing from the rich to give to the poor,
Edward Plantagenet, and his kid brother slain
Play tunes upon the wind to cleanse the stain,
For somehow in the order of Heaven
The victim must atone for the blackest villain
Until all our sins they be forgiven.
So they as blessed ghosts do laugh,
And play Byrd on an electronic piano,
“Taking upon themselves”, Shakespeare would indite,
“The mystery of things”,
As if those guys
Were God’s spies.

But I am an American,
A citizen of the United States,
Like Crumb’s Whiteman, man of glass
Who didn’t know his elbow from his ass
What is this matter of Britain to me?
Oughta mind my own business,
Stop reading all that Shakespeare bunk,
Go to Wall Street, make a bundle,
Blow my brains out in a five star hotel,
Or a furnished room in East Hell.

The matter of Britain is a matter of language
What I have said and how, buster, right now, pard
And the thoughtless inexpressible
Too deep for tears too late to mend
In my beginning is my end.

Note that it is quite probable that Richard Plantagenet, Duke of Gloucester, slaughtered the sons of his elder brother, King Edward IV, and I believe it to be a vile habit of the comfortable to make a damned hobby out of “recreational denial”, from Shakespeare authorship denial to denial of the Holocaust, to denying the obvious fact that Richard had motive and means after killing Clarence and that courtesy of the Wars of the Roses, England had devolved to a gangster state.

The common theme of recreational denial is escape from the pain of life based on a diet of entertainment as opposed to culture, in which entertainment almost with no exceptions fails to identify with the victim.

The fact is that the Tower of London is more than a tourist attraction. It was a Golgotha for good king Henry VI, the founder of Eton, Edward and Richard Plantagenet, Anne Boleyn and any number of other unfortunates and this motivated the above poem, in which the innocent Ghost must atone for the sin of his murderer by frightening the goddamn tourists with half heard notes.

For how many vacations are a celebration of the pain of the other? See how she dances in Trinidad, so gracefully and so well. Well…she’s got school fees to pay. Most underdeveloped nations charge for public school, and isn’t that a kiss my ass.


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