The Apotheosis of the Limerick, that Wanted to be a Sonnet

There was a Limerick that wanted to be a Sonnet
But the other limericks thought it was off its bonnet
But it said,
‘Fore I’m dead,
I shall be a limerick that was knighted a sonnet!
Like a pawn on a chessboard did the brave poem advance
The others all cried, you don’t have a chance
But the brave little poem said fish fiddle dee dee
A lemonade sonnet I aspire to be
That cheeky limerick did ever advance!
Four lines were left, they were all a gog
You need five lines, you damn’d silly dog
But it said, no I don’t, watch this, silly cunt
And end I with a couplet…see if I won’t!

John Lennard (The Poet’s Handbook) “until the seventeenth century, any short lyric poem; thereafter supposedly and conventionally a poem of 14 lines in iambic pentameter but variants ranging from 10.5 – 20 lines are recognized.”


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