The moral panic of liberals

This is in poor taste, and it is offensive to people who are or were Catholics to interpret the photograph in the filthy way of the Huffington Post.

A ceremony of innocence (the laying on of hands) is sniggered at by anti-Catholic creeps with dirty minds.

Yes, the Church has long covered up abuse: sexual abuse by some priests, more emotional abuse over time by ignorant nuns teaching grade school, and the needless deaths of 92 boys and girls in the Our Lady of the Angels school fire of Dec 1 1958, in Chicago who were told by nuns, not priests, to sit still while the school burned.

However: unprincipled lawyers, and anti-Catholic fundamentalists who don’t want worker priests helping immigrants and workers in the USA or Latin America, have created a moral panic which long term will deprive boys of male role models from whom they learn compassion and decency. That is what nearly all Catholic priests have been, including priests who support labor unions, priests who give water to immigrants dying in the desert, and a priest, Archbishop Oscar Romero, shot in 1980 for speaking out on behalf of the wretched of the earth.

Moral panics are usually a right-wing specialty, such as McCarthyism. But the liberals are guilty here of spreading the lie that a majority of priests are guilty of sexual abuse.

The Puritan goes to Vegas and fills his mind with images, and the ceremony of innocence is drowned when he returns.

Thinking of my father on the Gothic Line,
Drinking another glass of this stinking wine,
I double down again at the roulette table
My hotel room smells like a stable.

They were pinned down, but he stood up
I wonder whether I’ll get thrown out if I throw up.

And thus my liquid siftings stain
Coriolanus’ stiff dishonored shroud
Oh come see the boiling cloud.

DON’T caricature Mohammed, and DON’T print this crap. It is an adolescent exercise of freedom of speech which destroys freedom of religion, and those two freedoms are inextricably linked. Just as Moslems deserve not to see the Prophet as a bomb-throwing terrorist, Catholics, especially kids, need to be protected from “speech” like this.

If your freedom of speech harms the freedom of speech or religion of another, then you’ve crossed the same line you cross when you make threats (the crime of assault).


One Response to “The moral panic of liberals”

  1. Ben Althauser Says:

    Excellent write-up. It’s time that humanity stopped wallowing in useless tears of emotion and instead directed the energy towards change. Not to say that the heart is not relevant, but rather that it should live instead of whimper and crave a spotlight.

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