World Cup 2010 Poems


Zizek was the referee it was a mystery
It looked like a Yankee Goal, sure as hell, to me
The bearded Slovenian philosopher musta called the shot
And from the Americans ’twas heard, oh no it’s not
But what’s done is done, son of a gun
And the USA doth stay
To fight again, another day


Honi soit qui mal y pense of great ones such as Robert Green
Good Homer nodded and to blot his copy book was seen
Hercules had his moment of madness after his Augean task
And Alexander at the feast was o’ercome by the purple flask.
The ball was weakly kicked by Clement’s mighty shoe
And Green was roar’d for by the crowd to stop it from going through
And Green play’d up as always and for it he did try
But the ball continued past him and from England came a cry!
Some said ’twas the hand of fate, and some said the hand of God
But only the mean of spirit said it was the fumble of a clod.
Some said that’s the way the cookie crumbles in the cookie jar
The less imaginative said that’s the was the ball bounces when the ball is kicked from far
Others search’d their word-hoard for Anglo Saxon epithets abusant
But others searched their Scripture for forgiveness such as were used for the recusant
But all in all, England was not heard to give the bird to her son, bold Robert Green
And words of charity were spoken, they pour’d down upon his bean.
The talking heads withheld their scorn they spoke like gentlemen
They were full of Christian charity and spirits eleemosynarian.
“Don’t make noises Rude” said wise father to his son
It could happen to the Gods, it could happen to any one.
Some sourly blamed Adidas, they said, it was the sodding Ball
But wise men shook their heads, and said what comes to one must come to all.
Thus we Rebel Yankees stay in the Game, to play another day
And so do England’s champions, in the Cup they stay!


There was a football star
Who bought a Jaguar
But smashed it up
Before the World Cup
And everyone cried, what a Jag you are!

A drunken football fan
Was full of fight and flan
But was nonplussed
When his team lost
That discombobulate football fan


One Response to “World Cup 2010 Poems”

  1. World Cup poetry??!! I LOVE it. I didn’t know such a category existed.

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