A Dream

Edg.The waight of this sad time we must obey,
Speake what we feele, not what we ought to say:
The oldest hath borne most, we that are yong,
Shall neuer see so much, nor liue so long.

I had a dream
About the Queen.
Keeping in mind King Lear, I fear,
I talk’d the usual Tommy rot,
“Yes, mum, no mum, certainly not.”
But then she said to me
As the dream dissolved,
“Children are a blessing.”

Well well well how about that,
You old bat. Are they, indeed?
Was Goneril?

Or is there a language, perhaps more than one,
In which the word for a poison is a word for a cure,
In which the word for work is the same as fun,
In which there is the deepest love in the hatred that is pure?

Teenagers are hard on you, Prince Charles was a pain
But babies can be smelly and don’t enjoy cigars.
But all in all in the Fall Adam he loved his Cain
Tryin’ to make up for God’s mysterious ways that are hidden in the stars.

That’s what we do, oh imperfect you,
We find things that don’t bother us too much,
And we build a shelter from the rain
Oh yes, we do.

Starting from there, or anywhere,
With you.


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