Sonnet #3 for the Unknown Helper (reflections on Mahler)

“If the Other is not to be sold off, it must be sought incognito, among lost things.”

T. W. Adorno: Mahler, a Musical Physiognomy

Kids say the darnedest things, kids are weird
Kids take any port in a storm. Little guy
Saw his Mom leaving threw up his arms, he feared
She was gonna split. Then the firecrackers. Why?
“My teacher wore a sari to class but was British,
I don’t know why she so swallowed a fly,
She looked like an angel but was pretty strict,
She was taken away I hope she don’t die.”
She did her peregrine best on her way
A sojourn in the jungle working for the UNHCR,
A falcon but not a bird of prey,
She found peace in trying to cease the pain of the other.
The radio blares military music in the half empty bar
I gamble with the general who’s got only one star.


2 Responses to “Sonnet #3 for the Unknown Helper (reflections on Mahler)”

  1. spinoza1111 Says:

    Thanks! Click Original Art in the tag cloud, but if you’re at work, be careful: the earlier art (especially The Impertinence of Actaeon) is not work or child safe for viewing. I had a one man show of the earlier work but in Asia my work will be more widely viewed if I portray ladies in the beautiful saris and salwar kameez and cheong sams.

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