To the Unknown Helper #6 (reflections on Mahler)

During the night before the decisive quarrel with Charlotte, I had a dream. When I awoke, I temembered her final words: “I am the martyr of happiness”.

T. W. Adorno

Adorno felt the self same childish shock
I felt on the Vomit Comet, a train.
It rumbl’d through the ghetto of the south side
“Why do poor people have to take the rain?”
My happiness conditional upon yours,
So you took a sour pleasure in your moods
Accused you I of opening old wounds, old sores
And so like Hansel and Gretel we got lost in the woods.
However the helper has been ransom’d two ways
A paycheck ransomed her at the Bank
And then of course the prayers that she says
And for his blessings her God that she does thank.
Take away the pain of recreating a story that’s old
And live now in the tropics, forget the winter’s cold.

Image: “To the Unknown Helper”, EG Nilges 1 July 2010. Conte crayon, charcoal, Windows Picture Manager enhanced reproduction.


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