To the Unknown Helper #12: Diptych (Reflections on Mahler)

Listen! to Glenn Gould play the Sarabande from Bach’s English Suite #1. The music will open in a separate You Tube window and you can come back if you want.

Glenn Gould Plays English Suite #1 Sarabande

Before I got my Eye put out-
I liked as well to See-

If bone could speak, if skin could sing
What would bone say, what is the song of skin?
I remember that old hymn, as round as a ring
We sang in church, “the very stones would sing a hymn”.
The Protestants sing better than we the Romish men
But the images in Catholic churches are better
Six of one and a half dozen of egg and butter
And God on high, does he care one way or t’other.
We can see in black and white, we can dream in words
Would not miss a thing we so fear to lose
See things in themselves in the abyss of birds
Relieved of freedom nothing more to choose.
The gracile bone sings this to me:
It is far, far more important that paint or poetry.

“Diptych for the Unknown Helper”, 9 July 2010, Edward Nilges. Pencil, pen, ink wash, color added using Gimp4.6, enhanced using Microsoft Office Picture Manager, assembled using Paint.

This is just a plan for the actual painting which will use “real” colors.

The “sonnet” (if it is one) is original.

Now go (go, said the bird) listen to Glenn Gould playing Bach’s English Suite #1. You can listen to a rehearsal on You Tube, with Glenn being geeky, or you can buy the magnificent recording on Amazon.


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