A Swimming Hike by an Obsessive-Compulsive German Irish American

Hiked to Tung O Wan and swam twenty mins there. It’s not deserted on Sunday: but there were only about 20 people. The characteristic Jumble of Lamma rocks above and below water level “which burned before the ice caps came”.

Feel wussy because one cannot run this course at least in bright sun and 33 degrees Centigrade. Force myself to quick march. It’s the German in me; Americans say things like that to the irritation of real Europeans since the Americans are referring to a lost world. One has a collection of pre-WWI German marches on one’s iPod: German troops marched fast (80 steps per min). I refuse to listen to these in Paris.

Fortunately my iPod ran out of power for it is important to listen: falling water bird calls bug buzz.

Noting the following for the background of my planned painting To the Unknown Helper:

Banana tree leaves fold over “to” get sun all day near the top creating a complex pattern of light and shadow.

The lower “elephant ears” do not fold over.

Banyan tree limbs tragically seek the light.

Palm trees not indigenous. But one graces the deep bay at Sok Kyu Wan in front of an elegant cluster of small flats, where the stream feeds the bay.

Stands of Bamboo are rare but distinctive.

There are mysterious monuments to ancestors in a circle pattern and a cluster of these on the descent from the ridge overlooking Sok Kyu Wan. This is a place that seems quiet and clustered with ghosts.

Next week, Shum Wan, in the first of two bays formed my the mysterious peninsulas at the southern wild end of this island. Thinking of getting either a Kayak or a Yacht, the latter with a German band.


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