Peter Quince and Bottom’s Encore, a fragment of an Agon

Quince: And if your worships will have no Bergamask,
Bottom the weaver will weave you a song
Unmarked by tedium and not too long
Fit for ladies to not affright
And so bless Theseus’ wedding night.

Bottom: Cerebus furious was most curious
When spied he shining the sweet Orpheus
Quoth he, “I see
A man still shackled in mortality,
And wot is worse he sings in verse
Would ‘e were a damn’d soul who could curse
His finicky fickle fate and Furies three
Such would meet the needs of our Company
This clown cannot be an employee
‘E’s too good lookin’, ‘e’s overqualified,
And wot is worse, ‘e ain’t died.”


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