The welfare state is now the debtor state

The welfare state has turned into a debtor state, where ordinary people balance their budgets with credit out of necessity, not because of any moral failings whatsoever.

John Maynard Keynes was roundly condemned in sniffish tones by the Right for recommending that the British government employ the unemployed to dig and refill holes in times of deflation.

It is less well known that Milton Friedman recommended (as a logical consequence of his fiscal philosophy in which the money supply would be the only thing under government control) that the rich be somehow beguiled (interest payments) to throw money at the rest of us from helicopters.

Which is precisely what has been done.

Keynes’ proposal, like Friedman’s, was meant as a limiting case, understandable to Cambridge undergraduates but neither to journalists nor the general public. Likewise, Friedman’s.

Nonetheless, it’s better for the soul to spend a day digging a hole in the hot sun with one’s mates…than to look for offers in the mail in a house you don’t deserve.

Friedman is a profoundly immoral philosopher. Governments broke their committment to the savings and sanity of the middle class when they went off the gold standard in 1914, and Ron Paul is the only conservative to see this. His recommendation that we go back is racist and jejune, but two theorists of the Frankfurt School, Theodore Adorno and Max Horkheimer, would agree with him in some part; their future was destroyed by the Weimar republic in direct consequence of the loss of a gold standard.

Above all, people like me (who’s worked hard all his life but doesn’t take shit) need to be rewarded for our input. We should not be given fabricated reasons, plucked from some New Age tome, in “performance reviews” for what, as Marx knew, is systematic theft and, as Zizek knows, is normed violence against which Sep 11 was a clownish (and thereafter easily prevented) stunt.

And I’ll use credit. I used it to support and to maintain contact with my kids. I’ll pay my bills. But the Baby Boom of which I am a member will go down as a collection of selfish bastards at the top, and millions of debt slaves everywhere else.

It appears that South Africa is fixing like Thailand to explode, since the Friedmanite and Randroid playbooks do not work and are evil.

Sophisticated public relations is systematically changing real Left anger into Tea Parties because the rich and upper middle classes are running scared. You seldom encounter a “real” Tea Partier on Facebook, and when you do, they are assholes who harass women and bully men. The people I’ve met are all flaming radicals.


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