Genesis 9:18

Don’t you dare, oh don’t you DARE, call me a stalker
If once upon a time I was a walker
But am trying as your father
Merely to re-establish contact with you.

Don’t you dare, oh don’t you dare,
Relabel a Father’s love and despair
As something that amuses because you know that teases.

I will not say amen
To a world in which there are no men,
Returning at night like a broken king,
You in your room, hearing the car door slam.
And I say unto you: if you will be a man
You cannot be the image of one
A waxworks dummy: you must be Ham. [1]

In the Old Testament, unlike in Kant, intentions mean nothing, neither for Ham nor Onan, and “justice” is not “fair”. Ham saw his drunken fool of a father passed out butt naked and innocently, I say, went to get help. Noah, the patriarch who cannot show weakness, cursed Ham. This story was used in America as a justification for slavery and it stinks. It’s a fragmentary story, the meaning of which has been lost.

Christ made a radical break with Torah in saying “blessed are the pure in heart”.

We can’t go back to the Satanic Verses, whether of Torah or of Qu’ran. Even if these are “God’s word”, something I do not believe, God is evolving. Even if there is no G=d the persistence of time as human time requires that we love one another. There are landowners in Pakistan who deliberately flooded their neighbor’s smaller fields, and a lotta people thing they’re awfully cute these days when they act like swine.

But: end times prophecy and bullshit like that are an interesting way of avoiding the fact that Time itself may not have a stop until accounts are squared with Ham, and the pile of bodies mourned by the Angel of History. How convenient it would be if only behind the sun there is some bullshit planet Niguru ready to wipe us all out (there isn’t), because it would be easier to get wiped out and then use justification by faith to avoid trying every day to clean up the mess you made!

The evil things that the bad parent hisses in despair
Are in forgiveness transformed into air
Justice once was crude, Justice once was brutal
But do unto others. It’s the new deal and it’s fair.


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