Abduction of Europa

Edward G. Nilges, “Study for an Abduction of the Nymph, Europa, by Jove, in the Guise of a Bull” Pencil, ink, colored pencil on A4 paper with Gimp modifications 2004 and 2010.

The bull looked rather nice, and for a lark
I climbed aboard his back.
It was neither smooth nor rough,
But rather warm and pleasant to touch.

Well, before you could say wtf,
The bull bolted for the blue of the sea,
And in we went.

But the water was pleasant, coursing over my body,
Glistening on his blue hide,
And not cold considering
His blood warmed me.

Of course, I made some protests pro forma
A girl has a reputation, and all,
But he was, as you can see above, fast asleep,
But moving all the same. Typical you ask me.

A wave suspended above us for what seemed a long time,
During which in the manner of dreams I was able to study it,
And dancing it was with plankton
Of all the colors of the rainbow,
In this,
In the time before the sea was merely green
Or only blue.

And when the wave broke
It ruined this cocktail dress I’d had on.
I cannot forget what happened to my Chius.

Well, things turned out OK.
I became queen of Crete and that was neat.

Edward G. Nilges 27 September 2010. Moral rights asserted, paradoxically enough.


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