Peter’s Crazy Aunt!

Edward G. Nilges, “Peter’s Crazy Aunt”, pen, pencil, and Gimp colorization 15 October 2010

This cartoonish and at this time crudely drawn image may become a formal painting in the grand manner after I finish my current series of Portraits of Remarkable People. Poussin may be rolling in his grave.

That is because this image has to me a serious meaning: my failure to be a proper father especially to son number two. The fact that unlike HRH the Prince of Wales as seen in photographs of him and Prince William, I as a father refuse to go grisaille and to fade into the grey goo. As such I am Zizek’s “monstrous” older man.

Peter’s crazy auntie, America Flibbertigibet Knucklehead, whirls in from Hong Kong bringing presents she has foolishly purchased at the duty free at HKIA, never realizing that the whole goddamn town is duty free. Peter is shy.

I was working at Princeton when Thelma and Louise came out. Good movie. My boss said that Harvey Keitel’s cop reminded her of me. I said why. “Because you are always trying to make things come out with a happy ending”. My boss knew of my noncustodial parent situation.

I thought of inserting this shot of Brad Pitt as eye candy and Lady bait but that’s not ethical. I don’t have his rack, but I have a nice rack for an older man…and my father’s face.

OK, Ladies, go look at Brad in Thelma and Louise sayin’, “armed robbery can if well done be a positive experience”, but y’all come back, ya hear?

Welcome back, Ladies. My goodness, you smell like spring itself.

Here’s my riposte, BTW, to Brad Pitt.

Not bad for sixty but run of the mill: over the hill is over the hill. We all wish to be recognized for the enormous and painful struggle To Be but it’s what we do for others that counts.

Now, where were we.

Well, yeah; so was Shakespeare (trying to make a happy ending like Harvey Keitel in Thelma and Louise). And Mozart, knocking off finishing a Requiem and instead doing that marvelous Thing, which my father doesn’t like, about Zarastro and Pamina and Papageno.

When Peter goes with his crazy auntie to Hong Kong, she is sure to take him on the lower deck of the green and white ferry for a solemn inspection of the engines, to check into the Peninsula for room service, and to take him to Tung O Wan, not thinking for one minute of what Peter might want. As her far more sensible sister, Peter’s Mom, says, America Crazy Girl never thinks of other people. Peter’s Mom is literally correct but completely wrong in the paradoxical way of human things. For Flibbertigibet Knucklehead loves the world.


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