Where is that Ancient Mama?

Edward G. Nilges, “The Knight, the Mother, and the Burp”, pen and wash assemblage with Albrecht Durer, Ritter Todt undt Teufel, 4 Nov 2010.

Where is that Ancient Mama?

She’s happy…but don’t tell!
Her heaven might be…your Hell.
Her Home, in the forest
A place of rest,
Cartoons and tea
At a quarter past three.

What could you add
You, Knight, Ritter, so lost, so sad…
And as to your Daemon,
And as for your gibbering Time,
Well, those monsters are simply not on.

But that is a rather nice dog
Suitable for guiding you, I’d warrant, through many a Bog
Of Desponds I can only guess at,
For etwas in your Despond stumbled I
Like a queen without an eye,
When I let you make me cry
Many years ago.

And of course, a Horse
Is always very special when you have kids,
You can lead them around in a ring,
Clamoring with joy,
The girl thinking she’s Lady Godiva
A knight am I thinks the boy.

But years, which are a form of tears,
Have dimm’d this eye, and snow is on my head,
As it has mantled thee, in holy savage mystery.

And these children are not yours
Our children have wounds and running sores,
And a ship appeared down in the Wan one day
Its Captain brought your grand children to me
In a rescue organized by UNESCO.

You can stay for the night,
Ambiguous wight,
But you must leave by the rising of the Sun
And if I come to you, bearing the memory of our love and rue,
Don’t tell a soul…don’t tell anyone.

Edward G. Nilges 4 Nov 2010. Moral rights have been asserted, so up yours, OK?


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