Godard might get a Prize? No way!

The Zionists are going rigid and drumming their heels and turning blue over the possibility of Jean-luc Godard, he who makes all those films which they saw when coked up in the Seventies and can’t remember, winning a Prize.

Godard was right on Schindler’s List: had that movie’s images of Auschwitz been made by a non-Jew it would have been banned. But the whole point of art, to me, is universality: see the poem below this post.

Tribalism in art is the idea that you can’t make art that tells the tribe’s story unless you’re a member. This is a popular meme, applied even in the borderline case (like that of my marriage) where the tribe or Other you have re-presented has a meaningful relation with you or (in the case of the Palestinians) your friends.

Part of the victimization system is the Victimizer’s lie: that there is really no intimate relation between the Victimizer and the Victim.

My former wife was my Victim when, long ago, I was abusive. Based on this, she now is Victimizer in that she wishes to erase the six years of our marriage from her memory; it appears that she no longer uses the email which I used to communicate with her, primarily about the kids, up to 2005, and this email is now sending me junk about Viagra (!) since it’s been colonized by a spambot.

I need a meaningful relationship with my grown children, if only to have a place in addition to Facebook to tell what Borges calls “the true story of your own death”. But having been raised by my former wife, the kids follow her lead, and if she ignores my existence so do they. This makes me the Victim, as if (as is logically possible) the Allies had, in 1946, allowed the Jews to return to Germany legally enabled to be a master race, and this had gotten out of hand, resulting in a Holocaust of Germans at the hands of vengeful (Old Testament) Jews in 1975.

“Who is the slayer? Who is the victim? Speak.” – Sophocles

It is different for me to write about a former spouse than it would for me to write, say, about a Hollywood star with whom I’ve never had a relationship.

But what does Godard have to do with Israel’s victims, the Palestinians? Well, plenty, because their victimization set perhaps the first post-Holocaust precedent that a person or people may still be selected for brutalization, their cries ignored, their claims disregarded, and this makes life difficult and dangerous for all of us…except for the Jews, whose lives remain endangered and made difficult by anti-Semitism but not by post-Holocaust neo-bullying: today’s pattern of finding friendless groups (Palestinians, older heterosexual divorced men, Catholic priests who happen not to be child molestors) and kicking the shit out of them pour encourager and as a safety valve for one’s free-floating rage.

“Thou shalt not cathect”. Post-holocaust Judaism has regressed into a Law that cannot be obeyed unless you’re Jewish, making it impossible for anyone, including Jews, to follow the Kantian imperative (to act so that your action can be recommended as a universal moral law). Zionists are asking me to support the IDF’s sending an SMS (“hey, we’re going to bomb your neighborhood) and then bombing the ‘hood as “humanity and justice” which is tragedy and farce, and asks me, in fact, not to be an autonomous moral being.

To sympathize with a people with unattractive characteristics (their Islamic beliefs as so little understood by Westerners) purely because they have been treated unfairly-unjustly is not tribal enough for many Jewish thought leaders who would like us to economize on altruism. It is considered a cheap fashion statement like one of those very cool motorbikes you see many Parisiennes use to scoot around Paris.

Hmm. Well, last March I took the side, at work, of a Malaysian-British gentleman whom the putative manager of English department seemed to have disliked in a motiveless and narcissistic way. My reward at a company where I knew damned well that solidarity was a threat to management was to be terminated with one hour’s notice. I am now humping around Hong Kong to interesting and poorer neighborhoods as a temp teacher, and just got my first call from a collections department…I won’t make my Visa payment until 20 Nov. Yippee, here we go again: I’ve been there before, so hopefully I can survive better.

Solidarity is a luxury good today, and we’re expected to do without it below a certain level; only the super gazillionaire like Bill Gates is thought to have the luxury to finally get around to eleemosynary detour and frolic.

But the paradox of advice in a fuck-you, devil take the hindmost society is that the advice itself becomes a competitive move in the game. I was told in the 1970s to loosen up and go out with the guys in the office for a drink and not work so hard, because I was making the guys in the office look bad, and the function of drinking-groups remains the search for and eradication of the member who thinks she’s special, whether she jumps to her death from Princeton’s chapel or is filmed having an orgasm for Internet posting. Therefore we need not respect the injunction not to take a stand since the advice is intended to destroy us.

To be anti-Israel based on Israel’s dismal track record has always had real consequences for celebrities, who undergo stress owing to death threats and the paparazzi (who brought Diana down), and who retain consulting firms to try to ensure their security.

And as Zionism continues to regress from what it was under Herzl to the infantile rage of a David Horowitz, one cannot help but notice how these shitstorms are triggered by the concept of the “prize”.

When we were kids, if a kid had a birthday party, we all had Mom buy some cheap junky but cool toy at Woolworth’s for the birthday girl or boy, and went to the party. What we got was Betty Crocker cake, never chocolate alas, usually white on white: mothers of the 1950s had a racist horror of their children being chocolate smeared.

But I noticed in the early 1980s that my younger son’s taking offence at his elder brother’s receiving any kind of special recognition (even his goddamn birthday) was pandered to by my former wife. If my elder son got a present, my younger son had to get a present, and I was working in far-away California, unable to put the boot in. Had I done so, probably, I would have been dismissed in this matriarchal system, which is why I left in the first place.

I have learned from Mamas on Lamma Island that this pot-latch is now spinning out of control. Tai Tais and wealthy Gweipos (Euro-Mamas) both expect, when they bring their children to birthday parties, not only a present for their child. They expect a fancy and expensive “gift bag” and, for the Gweipos, no end of expensive booze.

The birthday boy or girl if at all unpopular is often openly bullied at these parties. The message is that no-one is special except a Big Other.

Likewise, modern Zionists are enraged by the idea of a pro-Palestinian winning a prize. Part of their regression is (so clearly in the trajectory of David Horowitz) a complete lack of inner balance or a super-ego, and this creates an unfillable need for external affirmation…that is seen to be a feature of the psychology of the ancient world.

The “anger of Achilles” is infantile for it is primarily about what other heroes will think of him. You distinguished yourself in the ancient world and as recently as the Napoleonic wars, since life expectancy was low, by Fame constituted solely in the recognition of your mates: there was no such thing as second place or “knowing in your heart that you are right”: Napoleon knew this at Marengo.

Paradoxically, a “Jewish” thinker (Spinoza) pioneered the very idea of inner-directedness and autonomy and Ecclessiastes reminds us when praising famous men that men can be great but unknown. The idea of justice, its link to fairness, and then the idea that the autonomous person might take a stand for tax collectors, slaves, ho-bags and Palestinians, all originated in the seedbed of Torah.

But alongside is the complete lack of justice-as-fairness also seen in Torah: the punishment of Onan and Ham, and God’s smug response to Job, a book somewhat reminiscent of Mao’s “Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom”: Job is encouraged to speak up and then bitch-slapped.

The whole point for the Godard haters is that Israel won the Six Day War by guile and trickery as well as force and that after this, we must never give a prize to an anti-zionist lest the collective wrath of online Zionism unleash millions of emails. Justice, to be Justice, must be unjust in the sense that it must feel like injustice to its targets. The Palestinians must find a way to hew wood and draw water on Shabboz happily for the Jews and their girls must learn to dance nude in clubs, or else.

Godard needs to learn how to make fun and entertaining films like Schindler’s List about fun and entertaining company managers who do their darnedest to save the Jews. I mean, come on. I can’t stand his films myself, because I have little time for movies except when exhausted and when you’re exhausted you want to watch something like Idiocracy, Dodgeball, The Hangover or Schindler’s List. That is because you are too tired to laugh or cry, and the machinery of the film does it for you. You’re on life support, being fed intraveiniously.

Godard-watching is more like cracking a book. It is unlikely that Israeli “settlers” pop Godard into the DVD. Running around shooting innocent children is hard work and takes a toll.

If Godard gets a Prize, the Zionists will have one of those shit fits in which their body goes rigid, like rich kids in Hong Kong who are almost bigger than their Indonesian helpers.

Or something. I need to finish Zizek’s latest book, In Defense of Lost Causes, for sometimes I think he’s too facile and his ease of jumping around infects my style. I need to get over Zizek.

Robert Longo, “Barbara”, lithograph 1998 (saved as GIF and then as JPEG by EGN to remove colour information for best display on a variety of monitors, and to enhance the grain of this image)


2 Responses to “Godard might get a Prize? No way!”

  1. In Defense of Lost Causes = Story of my life so far. You’re telling me someone else came up with this great title??

    “But the whole point of art, to me, is universality”

    I love this, and I agree.

  2. spinoza1111 Says:

    Story of mine, too, liebchen. It basically amuses me to continue hurling defiance in the form of creativity:

    Go and boil your bottom, sons of a silly person. I blow my nose at you, so-called Arthur King, you and all your silly English k-nnnnniggets. Thpppppt! Thppt!Thppt!
    Galahad: What a strange person.
    King Arthur: Now look here, my good man–
    French Guard: I don’t wanna talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!
    Galahad: Is there someone else up there we could talk to?.

    Art should not leave you feeling all unsatisfied and vicarious. The deal with Schindler’s list is “I bet you wish you was a Jew” and not “this could happen to you”.

    I bet you wish you was a Jew
    Dis could nevah happen to you

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