ODE on the Engagement of Catherine Middleton and Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales, KG

His Tray Table locked in an upright position,
The Prince has popped the Royal Question,
And Kate has said, Okay,
Let us call the Vicar and set a Day:
Let’s tell my Mum and inform the Press
And I shall buy a Wedding Dress.
Do get a Haircut that is not Absurd
Lest you look like your ancestor, George the Third:
And lest I forget,
Wot about the toilet?
Or is it the loo? Anyway, to be or not to be, that is the question
Did you leave it locked in the upright position?

Edward G. Nilges 18 Nov 2010. Moral rights have been asserted by the author, fat lot of good that shall do him.


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