Peter’s Crazy Aunt #5

Edward G. Nilges, “Four Stages of ‘Peter’s Knucklehead Flibbertigibet Crazy Aunt as of 21 Nov 2010”: photos of incomplete acrylic painting, 20×30 cm on canvas with gimp highlighting (rightmost photo)

The first stage is charcoal over the image cast by a low power projector that uses new technology to be inexpensive but casts a blurred image at this scale.

The second stage is ink over the charcoal.

The next stage is the start of the ink wash chiaroscuro.

The fourth is a study in how things shall highlight using a Gimp airbrush.

They mock the Nude, so do the Lewd
Judge her skirt lengths and his Speedos
They know not my subtle art
‘Tis meant for only “weirdos”.

I am the dancer and the dance
I heed not your Remonstrance

She’s not “too thin” instead her Shin
Grows immaculate without sin
Seeking to find the light
And whatever is, is right.

– Apologies to Emily the D and Ralph “Waldo” Emerson


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