Mohamed Osman Mohamud

This 19 year old Somali teen has been indicted for his intention to blow up a Christmas tree lighting in Pioneer Square, in Portland, Oregon. However, the bomb was supplied by FBI agents.

Now the FBI will have to waste resources to convict, because a sting environment, even a “clean” one as here (where no crime is committed) involves possible malfeasance on their part.

A cornerstone of English and American law has been the fact that you need a (planned or executed) bad act and a guilty mind to convict. But in general, dipshits don’t like fundamentals. Therefore, if you can’t catch Osama, conduct an assault on the fundamentals of the criminal law by creating mens rea in a conveniently located and isolated black and Muslim kid.

Mohamud participated in a simulacrum with agents playing roles. He had the law’s “mens rea” (guilty mind) but he did not commit the bad act.

The sting does not in fact prove that as an obviously immature 19 year old he would have been recruited by serious terrorists for a real job.

One would after all suppose being able to tell the difference between a real bomb and a dud would be a job requirement for a real terrorist.

Furthermore, there is a disgusting element of fantasy in the FBI’s operation, one which counts upon our visceral reactions to “children lighting Christmas trees” but obscures the fact that in general Muslim terrorists seek adult victims.

“With hearts grown brutal we have fed ourselves on fantasies” (Yeats). For years, Americans have been reading and viewing trash of the sort that unlike real literature does your thinking and feeling for you…which has taken an older technique of melodrama (the overly good good guy, the obviously bad bad guy) and enhanced it so as to only seem like adult literature: today’s crime fiction heroes are “flawed” but in a crude way, and because they are “flawed” their adversaries have to be demonic, with no redeeming qualities or ambivalence. Dosteoevsky makes you think, but Mickey Spillane lets you drink.

“With hearts grown brutal we have fed ourselves on fantasies”. The result is an infantile public sphere resonating with children’s stories and evil whispers, in which children who say they are trying to be good merely manage to suggest lewdly to themselves bad acts to go with their guilty minds, their shame, and the secret of their lives’ destruction. J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson were pretty twisted guys but at least they didn’t entrap John Dillinger, their worthy opponent. They didn’t, to my knowledge, tempt fucked up 19 year olds to rob banks, having their hands full of real bank robbers and the ability to use then-modern technology to catch them.

The white American who bombed the Murragh Federal Building, Terry McVeigh, seems to have known that that facility included a day care center. However, the only children of the approximately 3000 deaths at the World Trade Center and Pentagon were on the airplanes.

Furthermore, if we can distinguish a “clean” sting from a “dirty” sting, where the latter involves entrapment and a real crime, the FBI may be pushing the envelope to justify its existence (while neglecting real terrorists as well as common criminals). And the next step may be an actual crime.

The real story? The destruction of the middle class world-wide so the rich can stay rich. “Oooooo guys with scarey names bombing Christmas trees” is a fabricated story and a ruined life meant to distract us from a world-historical expropriation.

With hearts grown brutal we have fed ourselves with fantasies. More precisely

We had fed the heart on fantasies,
The heart’s grown brutal from the fare;
More substance in our enmities
Than in our love; O honey-bees,
Come build in the empty house of the stare.

WB Yeats

With the neatness of trashy fiction and worse movies, this fabricated crime counterposes “white” (Christmas tree! Children! Lighting a candle! Portland, Oregon!) and “black” (Africa! Muslim! Dirty! Dangerous! Desparate!).

The problem being that the United States created the “problem” of Somalis coming to live here by destroying their country deliberately in search of terrorism.


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