Peter’s Crazy Aunt #9

Edward G. Nilges, “State of Peter’s Crazy Aunt as of 3 Dec 2010”, acrylic on canvas, 20*30 in.

I FOUND the phrase to every thought
I ever had, but one;
And that defies me,—as a hand
Did try to chalk the sun

To races nurtured in the dark;
How would your own begin?
Can blaze be done in cochineal,
Or noon in mazarin?

Emily Dickinson


2 Responses to “Peter’s Crazy Aunt #9”

  1. This is reminder for me to reread her stuff again. What astonishes me is how a person that lived secluded in an attic garret could write with such knowledge, understanding and vision of people,places, and things from such an isolated and encapsulated place. It is as though she released a bird to scan the world and report back to her so she could write about the worldly without ever having been there.

  2. spinoza1111 Says:

    She seems to be speaking about the undecidability of art, the point at which you don’t have the solution. Elsewhere she writes about diffferences as being where the meanings are: gaps, fissures and aporias.

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