Ode Upon the Attack Upon the Prince, 10 Dec 2010, In London

His Royal Highness, Prince Charles
And his Lady Wife, the Parker-Bowles
Were set upon by Low Fellows
Who assaulted them with Bellows,
Imprecations Republican
And questions about Afghanistan.

But did the Prince turn a remaining Hair
Did those fellows his Highness Scare?
No! He stood his ground
Or rather sat, whilst those Fiends did him surround
Thinking only of England, and of his fair and Lady Wife
While in danger of his Life.

Honi soit qui mal y pense
Give the fellows some pounds and pence
So that they will go away
And come again some other day:
Ich dien, but then again
I do not choose to serve such uncouth Men.

Edward G Nilges 10 Dec 2010. Moral rights have been assert, or else I’m malapert.


One Response to “Ode Upon the Attack Upon the Prince, 10 Dec 2010, In London”

  1. The English royal family’s imperfections and scandalous ways have many American’s enchanted but I could give a hoot. Was never really impressed with Diana either. I suppose I am too proletariat and anti aristocracy minded even against America’s mega wealthy corporations and mega banks . I do study Elizabethan England, however, and the literature of that period. My MA degree papers were mostly about English/American Puritans and Cromwell period. What I most respect was how they toughed it out re that German airplane thing in 1940.

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