The Thought of Motion Has Occured To Me

Edward G. Nilges, “The Thought of Motion Has Occured to Me”, ink on paper, 380×270 mm, 10 Dec 2010

The Thought, of motion
Has occured to me
When that I am Blind,
It helps me-to see.
When the World is unkind
It forms a History
With much within it
And nought, without:
A series of actions free
This-my mystery

Edward G. Nilges 10 Dec 2010


2 Responses to “The Thought of Motion Has Occured To Me”

  1. Forgive me for marrying politics and poetry but my first thought was the thought of motion in the United States Congress ain’t been athought of fer quite some time these days.

  2. spinoza1111 Says:

    Movement is important to me. I run, workout, do aerobics. As a teacher, you have to cruise the room and even, at times, get in kids’ faces.

    For example, I studied You Tube videos of USMC basic training on Parris Island. The drill instructors are no longer permitted to strike recruits (I don’t think they ever were, at least officially) nor use foul language.

    Instead, they get “in their face”, putting their own face rather close to the recruit and instruct him in no uncertain terms to shape up, and how to do so.

    I tone this down but it’s important to keep moving and get on the kids’ level (bending over or sitting in a kids’ chair), and to do this the teacher should be flexible. It also lowers stress.

    The thought of motion has occured to me.

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