Preliminary Notes on Jared Loughner, the assassin of Congresswoman Giffords et al.

Ever since Oswald, analysis of these cases has been psychological, with sociological explanation being a no-fly zone, since that would imply that American society is less than perfect (wow).


1. Loughner’s writings give evidence of what happens to an intelligent kid in a school system so dedicated to eradicating precisely the sort of teacher able to guide him that he has no mentoring. I was pretty screwy when I was 17, but was lucky to take a Philosophy 101 and Logic from a prof who wouldn’t get a job today from your typical latter-day academic thugs.

An older male showing a young fellow a skill is magic since it’s not about “emotion”. The older male instead shows the young fellow a way to get some control and power in a world where men must have their quantum of control.

2. Psychologists today are unqualified to assess whether writings are truly rambling as opposed to being complex, since psychologists educated since the 1960s are often themselves deficient at English. They are apt to use “rambling” as are managers in companies, to refer to grammar that is “too” correct.

3. Psychologists avoid the “enabling” model of addiction theory. But clearly, irresponsible right wing politicians such as Palin “enable” this violence by excluding any compromise.

4. The Right will be on Loughner’s juvenile flirtation with Left politics like a fly on shit. But in fact, we know (cf Bugliosi’s study) that Oswald “was” pro-Castro because one exclusively psychological feature of “the lone gun man” is his attempt to relieve his isolation by alternate flirtations with far left and far right politics. The Right enabled Oswald with attacks on Adlai Stevenson and the power, in Dallas, of the John Birch society, which called for no compromise as do the Tea Bags today.

5. Most people certified as psychologists especially MD level have been so corrupted as to be incompetent to treat guys like Loughner. Like Adorno’s scientist as narrated in Minima Moralia, they know their own inadequacy but are relieved to hear that it can be renarrated as scientific asceticism (of the sort that finds complex texts to be “rambling” in all and not some cases).

6. Alienation? Alienation!? Hey, if Marx is even partly right, we’re ALL alienated. Cities like Tucson, blasted by thirty years of sunbelt attacks on public goods, are ground zeroes of alienation. And if you can’t provide health insurance, you sure as hell cannot help mental cases. And if you don’t treat the victims then you get perps.

People say we don’t know details about Loughner. This is correct. But it is a lie to say that we haven’t endured assassination and mass murder as participant observers, and part of the general ban on social thought of any sort lest we see society for what it is.

Like Elwood says in the Blues Brothers, I knows all about exploitation, I been exploited all my life. I knows all about assassination, I been symbolically assassinated over and over again since Father Gilgallen got up and told us high school freshmen to zip it, “the President has been shot in Dallas”.

Oswald was pro-Castro. But he sure made sure that a grand total of one Catholic has been President of the United States.

Didn’t he.


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