The Last Words of Dutch Spinoza

Prop. XVIII. No one can hate God. – Spinoza

This, is a supremely important illusion.
This, these clouds, these towers, these trees, heavy with the fruit
Of things you’ve done well or ill, while the day holds its breath,
Blue with sundown, ’tis time to kneel.

Pray to that of which you are a fragment
This is the last Judgement.

And a lightness then you feel,
The laughter of your children,
That crazy girl,
And the sunlight on the palms on Middlefield Road.

Edward G. Nilges, “State of a Portrait of Edward Joseph Nilges, Captain, 442nd Regimental Combat Team (Nisei), United States Army, b. 1915, KIA 6 April 1945, Mt. Folgorito, Italy, Purple Heart, Silver Star”, grisaille, acrylic on canvas, 19 Oct 2010


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