Glengarry Glen Ross: in Adam’s Fall We Sinn-ed All

The production, in which I play Sheldon “The Machine” Levene, opens in Hong Kong at the Fringe Theater next to the Foreign Correspondents Club on Tue March 15.

The Ides of March are come.
Aye Caesar, but not gone. (Shakespeare)

I approach this date with trepidation, for the goat song is high magick. I start to regress and assign the particular pen I use in the “sales presentation” a name, such as Mr. Pen.

I have to create headlong energy as Sheldon Levene, the fast-talking salesman who takes the fast-talking fall. In the denoument the cop needs to manhandle me more, since “Roma” is hanging on to me trying to get me to agree to go out for a smoke. She doesn’t know that I am approaching my Doom.

Yes, Roma and some other characters are women. Basically, I have been more or less lured into lending an originary, American, Chicago touch to some sort of feminist statement with a bunch of dizzy dames all of whom I love. I’m game, but Mamet is gonna throw a rod. Good.

I want the audience subconscious to remember the Fall of Man in the old mystery play, the old painting, with devils and angels wrestling over the soul. Durch Adam’s Fall, ist ganz verderbt.

“But the individual, whom need has made guilty, and who has become his be-all and end-all, falls victim to the illusion of an individualistic society and fails to know himself – a consequence which Hegel perceived, and perceived most acutely in the very moment in which he was colluding in reactionary abuse. Society is in the wrong vis a vis the individual in its universal claims, but it is also in the right since the individual hypostatizes the social principle of pure, unreflecting self-preservation, the very principle embodying the bad universal.”

– TW Adorno, History and Freedom


One Response to “Glengarry Glen Ross: in Adam’s Fall We Sinn-ed All”

  1. You were amazing during the run! Good job!

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