What ya scared of, Wild Bill?

Edward G. Nilges, “Postcard from Abraham Lincoln”, pencil, pen and Gimp modifications 2010

The thing to remember about many of the Tea Bags and the neo-Secesh. They hate Lincoln.

Now, how could you hate someone who said, in his second inaugural address, with malice towards none, with charity towards all.

I don’t care if you have much malice and no charity, it’s a pretty cool thing to say, and it would be unlikely for a person with much malice and no charity to say those words.

The theory behind the hatred of Lincoln is just based too much on an absurd sort of conspiracy theory: an overgeneralization of “they lied to me” and one too many choruses of the Who’s song, we won’t be fooled again.

It is Calvinism run amok, like Frankenstein. Because if they done lied to you and even the archangel of North America, Lincoln, lied then your theory self-destructs. The only reason for the “negation of the negation” in Hegel is the affirmation, but as my fat pal Adorno saw, it could be a deeper negation.

The fact is that the United States has had a grand total of one Catholic president and in the summer, the high summer, of 1963, he said we all treasure our children’s future, and we are all mortal. Then he got shot.

“What ya scared of, Wild Bill?”
“Gettin’ shot.”

– Little Big Man

Lincoln was a poor man who was not “self made”. That is he was not a brutal thug who lied, cheated, robbed and stole his way out of poverty. Lincoln seems to have had the financial success which allowed him to seek high office (after only one term in the lower House and a failed Senate run) because he studied Blackstone’s Commentaries and became a successful lawyer. He then was faithful to his oath of office. Then he got shot.

“What ya scared of, Wild Bill?”
“Gettin’ shot.”

– Little Big Man

There is something dark and furtive going on in the country I have left, something like a pillar of salt.


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