Removal of artworks pursuant to law, and, more important, in respect of local mores

As noted under “Grand Jete”, I have decided to remove nude figure studies from this blog pursuant to Hong Kong law and to respect local customs.

I am “represented”, if that’s the word for a completely open online gallery, and it probably is not, by Saatchi as “Edward Spinoza”. This gallery is based in London and doesn’t have to conform to Hong Kong law, if I understand the international law on this matter. This site allows the user to toggle what it calls “adult content” on and off, and I regard the artistic nude as “adult content”.

I also share the nude-figurative art with a restricted subset of Facebook Friends. If you’re interested in seeing it, apply to be my Facebook Friend and request entry to “Can See Figurative Art”. Your own Facebook page must include your current image and birthdate. On Facebook I am “Edward Nilges” in Hong Kong.


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