Icarus Levene

Not only has there been absolutely no follow on paid work for my considerable amount of unpaid work playing Sheldon Levene in Glengarry Glen Ross last March, the director hasn’t accepted my Facebook Friend request. My WTF postings and intensity may have wearied her.

However, I did form a solid friendship with the leading lady who’s a great contact in theater and ten times the real thing.

I was called the best actor in the play by more than one person including directors but basically so what. My onstage energy is of a piece with my writing and art. It’s daemonic in the old Greek sense and no matter how classical, it undercuts the established order; WH Auden shows how much of Greek verse undercut the established order while seeming to celebrate it in his old introduction to the old Viking Portable Greek Reader.

But basically so what. Outside of an institutional framework adequate to contain me (they’d have to start paying me) most people, like the seamen in Auden’s poem about Icarus, Musée des Beaux Arts, have somewhere to get to, a degree, a job, the grave, and sail calmly on, or not if my intensity has disturbed.

I was certainly happy to be of use. I’m never “unemployed” though I lost a full time job, suddenly, unfairly, illegally last Aug 31 as related elsewhere, since my theory is that of the Third World, “bullshit you’re unemployed, you get out there and vend Marlboros, I will get you some from my brother, your uncle Abdul.

The Economist points this out: there is no unemployment in the developing world for there is no unemployment insurance. I can see where conservatism as barbarism could be espoused by Lozi/Lao-T’se: “o end unemployment insurance and there will be no unemployment, end health insurance and the bones of the people will be strengthened, end welfare as we know it and the people will fare well”.

The point is to create and to use one’s proven ability to meet goals in practical affairs even as the lights go out.


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