Cry me a river, Benjamin Netanyahu

“I stood before my people and said that I will accept a Palestinian state; it’s time for President Abbas to stand up before his people and say, ‘I will accept a Jewish state,’ ”

The problem with Netanyahu’s demand: “Palestinian” and “Jewish” are not parallel, and “we are a Palestinian state” and “we are a Jewish state” are apples and oranges. “Palestinian” means “people who reside in what is considered, historically, the region of Palestine bounded by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, or, descendants of long-term residents and pre-1948 property owners in that region”.

This group includes Arabs, Christians and even Jews.

In acceding to Netanyahu’s request, Palestinians are asked to countenance and recognize a highly unusual situation: the ability of one country, and only one country, to define itself in a Völkisch fashion (for given the fact that Israel does not enforce religious belief and practice on the part of Jews, “Jewish” means an ethnicity and not a religion).


Imagine Mexico being asked to say “we recognize, in the United States, a state primarily for people of European ancestry other than Hispanics, or, more generally, Iberians”.

Imagine Poland being asked to say “we recognize a German state”.

Kant said “so act that your action can be recommended as a general moral law.” In simple words, “what if everybody did what you did, or did what you ask the Other to do”?

“If everybody walked outa the shower naked in their hotel room whilst the chambermaid was cleaning up their mess, there would be no hotel chambermaids [and that’d suck because most of us can’t even make a bed.]”

If any state could demand a Völkisch test for full citizenship and residency, just imagine.

Wow. World-wide musical chairs as we all go back to our proper state, where we belong. Palestinians to a new Palestine. Jews to Israel. Scotsmen to Scotland! Malagassies to Madagascar! Turks, long resident in German, to the land of the Turks, what’s that, Turkey!!”

And miserable flotillas of unclassified or unclassifiable people who cannot or will not say what it is they are, including quite a lot of Americans.

You think I’m kidding? I am not kidding. Once again, non-Israelis are being asked to say something that they do not believe, and to give a blank check of Recognition to make up for something the Germans did, specifically a bunch of lower middle class German idiots with eggs for brains.


Politicians think they are being cute when they disregard international law, including the lesson Hitler taught us, the meaning of the Holocaust: thou shalt not define the nation as a tribe.

Politician think they are being Authentic when they appeal to the slobs who are proud they cannot “parse”.

But: international law is nothing more than a codification of international common sense. If the Palestinian Arabs, Christians (and Jews!) have to say “we accept a Jewish state” and the Poles don’t have to say “we accept a German state”, cry me a river, Israel, when the war continues for another sixty years.

Politicians and the wealthy, who gorge on Recognition, just don’t get it. They do not understand what it means to an educated Palestinian (that is, most Palestinians) why they must say something stupid to get a mess of pottage (a demilitarized statelet and a concentration camp hard by a country club).

They do not understand what it means to be a Palestinian Arab with a PhD in electrical engineering without job prospects because he cannot get to universities in Israel and is not wanted there.

They do not understand what it means to be a Palestinian Christian.

They do not understand what it means to be a Palestinian Jew, or an Israeli Jew who believes that his country is illegitimate and a blasphemy but has a job, a home and a family.

Instead, their large and well fed faces, faces of the country club (next to the concentration camp) must have the last word.

They must be Masters, like Amon Rath in Schindler’s List tormenting the Jewish woman. They must have their Recognition in excess of what the rest of us get. But they ain’t getting it. Cry me a river.


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