ODE on why small boys love chunks of boogers and ear wax, and young ladies, in general, do not

Parents, beware, and Aunties, and Unks
That small Boys do love gigantic Chunks
Of boogers and ear wax, of all sorts of Snot
But what about Girls? Most assuredly … not.

This is as might be said to be one of many Generalizations
Not at all true at all in parts of all Nations
In Cornwall or Toledo may live the exception, proving the rule
Secreted like earwax inside a posh school.

In some refined academy for the young Ladies
Such as Miss Twittenham’s School, popularly known as East Hades
Her charges may gather after she’s turned down the light
To have a gross battle with boogers, a great goopy Fight.

But statistically speaking the mode and the mean
Is that the gender that delights in the gross and the green
Is that of the male, who likes to blow chunks
Unless he foreswears it by the rule of the monks.

Edward G. Nilges 24 June 2011. Moral rights asserted phhhhfffflt nyah ha ha


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