Dominique-Strauss Kahn: the Fix is In

Remember Dominique Strauss-Kahn? The French IMF director who emerged naked from a hotel bathroom when a housekeeper was doing his room and wanted to “do” her? Well, never underestimate expensive legal talent: cf this.

The modern game is NOT ONLY destroying the accuser in these cases. It is ALSO destroying her attorneys and public prosecutors.

Mike Nifong was the district attorney who in 2006 brought charges against Duke Lacrosse players who’d staged a party whose theme was “American Psycho” and who abused, and attempted to rape, an African American sex worker who laughed at the size of their genitals. The lacrosse player had wealthy fathers.

Mike Nifong is no longer practicing law. The rich kids’ fathers saw to it he was disbarred.

Standards are now applied to the procedural conduct of attorneys who work on behalf of rape victims which are not followed elsewhere in the law when the rape charges are made across class boundaries.

A poor or lower middle class man accused of rape or harassment will be punished if guilty, since he can’t afford large legal teams who will do the research done here into the background of the Sofitel housekeeper.

Missing is the clear application of the law and a clear standard for sexual consent such as “enthusiastic consent” which many feminists support. “Enthusiastic consent” excludes mercy fucks and many cases where athletes and large husbands extort sexual acts: in “enthusiastic consent”, the woman (or smaller individual) must herself or himself attest to being really turned on, and truly willing, as evidenced by sexually aggressive acts on the part of the woman (or physically smaller individual) such as ripping bodices in twain, etc.

[And…if the smaller individual or female is drunk, stoned, on Ecstasy, passed out, asleep or what ev er, “enthusiastic consent” does NOT apply. Why do we not permit people to drive without risk of DUI after two drinks but say “she asked for it” at a party when she’s had ten? This doesn’t apply to the Sofitel housekeeper, but prima facie, the housekeeper was trying to work, not looking for fat Frog sex!]

A presumption could be made that if there is a wide gap in income and social status between the rape victim and her attacker, there is NO “enthusiastic consent”, parallel to my presumption that drunk chicks can’t give EC.

But: this would be “critical legal theory”, the 1970s movement in law that tried to factor the law together with social class and recognize once and for all the obvious facts: that, first of all, poor and middle class people do not have effective access to courts in free market societies in most cases and secondly when they do they are at a disadvantage.

Legal creativity is CELEBRATED when defending the powerful. Prosecutors threatened Monica Lewinsky, that nice fat girl who had an affair with President Clinton, with involving her Mom, and they told her that they could “indict a ham sandwich” if she did not cooperate with Ken Starr, the Republican who wanted to impeach the President.

Mike Nifong creatively went to bat for a poor sex worker. The defense demonstrated no sexual contact because the white players were drunk and physically incapable. But their INTENT was to rape the sex worker like Patrick Bateman rapes (and then kills) women in American Psycho.

What kind of university even permits, prior to the party, its students to publish an invitation to an American Psycho theme party? What sort of students go to such a party? Do athletes get a pass? What sort of faculty want to teach at such a school?

Likewise, we know that Strauss-Kahn emerged naked from the shower when a stranger was cleaning his room. “Assault” in a parallel legal area is making a credible threat of violence even minus “battery”, the execution of violence. Feminist legal theory and “enthusiastic consent” merely recognize that sex acts occur in a space where love and violence don’t so much coexist as collide, and there’s a razor’s edge of difference between them…but WE CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE BECAUSE WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS.

I don’t jump housekeepers in hotels. I smile at them. If they enter my room and I’m butt naked, I don’t emerge from the can even though I am way better looking than that fat Frog. And I like watching women work! I think it’s sorta sexy! BUT…at most I will ask for their number if they are let’s say that waitress in River Grove.

News flash. I ain’t desperate. I don’t think sexual conquest makes me a “real man” any more than I think being a soldier would make me a real man, perhaps because I ended up on my ass broke paying child support and maintaining contact with my kids when they were growing up instead of getting my father to give my ex-wife a chunk of change.

Men today think that they need to be super-careful. All they have to do is obey my Mom’s rules. She told me not to try to pick up girls on the subway because she’d been harassed by gorillas going to work. She had to go to work because her family had NO MONEY.

There should NOT be a different set of rules for men with money!


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