The Tragedy of Dominique, Strauss Kahn

Christopher Marlowe is also immortal and has been penning these lines and sending them to me.

DSK: When I emerge like a god from my chamber, the can
Tout le monde shall know the magnificence of Kahn:
I am not Silenus, I am by Jupiter, Jove:
This all the ladies say and this I know:
Emerge, o Dominique, and ascend to Parnassus as of old
Venus shall favor the brave and the bold.

MAID: From Africa come I this city to espy
And pile up gold through sexual fraud.
We trick the West, ’tis what we do best,
But here ’tis no trick, I shall this fat frog hoist
On his very own petard once it gets hard.
Man, proud man, is little better than a monkey or an ape
Let me use my charms to create a real rape
And pile up gold ’tis what the poor want
Just like the rich for riches we pant:
We lie cheat and steal in the world that is real
Even as our betters hath given us a raw deal.

DSK (emergent) Behold then I come, sound trumpet and drum
I thee shall have whether thou will’st or know.
In fact I’d rather you say oh nay and oh no
I fancy resistance, even as the Bonaparte
By victory ‘gainst odds did set himself apart.

MAID: Thou shalt have thy wish but not me without a fight
So unhand me thou beast, thou pig, thou lustful wight
My resistance is no feigning behold I bite.

DSK Such sport is beyond compare I shall thee have
Fight lustily, thou dusky maiden, ’tis my delectation
And ever to the glory of Israel and my French nation
I shall overcome thee.

MAID And so thou hast yet still ’tis rape
I fought for pay and to bring thee down
But the crime is thine, o ape o clown.

DSK Thou art a brainless black inhuman thing
Knows’t not the law? The ancient crime
Is erased by thy wickedness, which maketh thee
Hostes omnium gentium and a terrorist of sex
Both sent into this world to bring us down,
And in turn to bear our sins as thou now bearest me.

MAID Wrong on wrong never made for right
Day is not made in the bosom of night.
There are men fashioned like to thee
Who know how to love and with gentility.
These are men you scorn and dispossess
Because of the earth you have made a mess.
And I their minion who doth the blackest thing
So they may inherit the earth and you, not a thing.

3 July 2011 by Edward G. Nilges. Moral rights asserted in the teeth of the all seeing gods.


2 Responses to “The Tragedy of Dominique, Strauss Kahn”

  1. nice work – original and has more than a hint of truth! congrats.

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