More on Sean Hoare: “O excellent deuice; and make a sop of him.”

As I write the Guardian is reporting that the Watford police have ruled out foul play but await toxicology tests. I am not a professional copper, but how does one in the name of David Hume rule out foul play before completing the toxicology tests?

It is common to renarrate whistle blowers as weaklings with drink and drug problems. Drink and drug problems are real enough. Unfortunately they are all to readily used to discredit people who speak truth to power.

Perhaps there is no link. President Kennedy was indeed shot by a crazed loner with left-wing sympathies but no real friends among the small pro-Castro left.

But the two-star constellation created by David Kelly’s death in 2003 and Hoare’s death may be a sign (David Kelly was knighted for discovering Soviet violations of chemical and biological warfare treaties in 1989 but refused to support claims in a dossier meant to support the invasion of Iraq in 2003: Kelly was also found dead in Britain, see below).

Adorno dreamed of stars in definite patterns, but it’s a bit of a mathematical puzzle to determine how many stars it takes to form a pattern in the stars and not in the mind of the observer. Three stars forming a right or equilateral triangle might be a YouTube video, little else. Four stars forming a square might occasion comments in the press and reassurances from NASA.

And so on: a pentagon in the sky would give us all the willies, and a perfect circle would cause mass panic. The Kelly/Hoare conjunction is merely a straight line, and any two stars considered as geometrical points form a straight line.

The Duke of Clarence’s murderers in Shakespeare’s Richard III stab him and drown him in a butt of wine. Given what we already know of the national and London police authorities’ failures in the matter of Murdoch, today they might conclude that Clarence cut himself and took a swan dive into a butt of wine as a sort of weird sex game.

The misuse of alcohol recovery talk by the elite, most of whom are either alcoholics or co-alcoholics, is a convenient trope, for it’s a one size fits all way of concealing pain that has a social origin.

We cannot ask why Hoare was such a miserable sonofabitch that he drank himself to death, because in fact for the alcoholic to blame society or the stars is no way for the alcoholic to recover. Furthermore, drinking to excess is common in London life high and low as are spectacular deaths caused by intoxication.

Nor should the alcoholic’s intimates explain his drinking as a result of pain, that would be enabling.

But beyond that circle, perhaps we could start by admitting that the widespread excessive drinking in Britain is a result of Thatcher, deindustrialization and the loss of Empire, and be damned.

But, this is the age of recreational morality and the taking of the inventory of others, is it not. Just as the Republican majority in the House of Representatives are about to cause widespread pain (if Social Security checks cannot be cashed) to display their old-time religion, but not to discommode themselves, we are to blame Hoare even as Richard III pretends to be the moral and sober son of York.


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