A note on Adorno’s epistemology

The desire or fantasy to “know” the other by appropriation such that there is nothing left to the other caused my fat pal to show how that desire leads to irrationality in administrative procedures (such as standardized tests) which at one and the same time tell us “this is only a test and no more” and “you are the grade you just got you pathetic loser”.

Instead of staying with this thought of universal Loserhood Adorno went in search of a new form of knowing that would respect the object.

Goya did not half “take” the mystery of the Maja when he painted a time and space slice of the bint. Contra feminism and my Islamic brothers, the artist is not in competition with God and is not trying to create a replacement version. The actual Maja is always better.

I was very happy when my former wife walked away singing with her friend. I figured good for her, she needs a break with her girl friends to do whatever it is girls do on the town. Fact.


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