Constructive Desertion


Dear John,
I know this war must be hard for you,
But I have my own needs also, I have my own needs too,
And your letters are too long,
And too grammatical, like a slow song,
And you know I like it hot.
Miss Jones at the college says you are verbose.
Any way I have met an Air Corps Colonel
Whose Mom was named Enola,
And he is very gay, not at all like you, you are too serious,
Especially on paper from redacted places,
With Wop names that mean nothing to me.

You care about the strangest things,
And not at all about me.
Honestly it was just a wooden thing,
A virgin holding the Christ child?
You Catholics are so silly.
I don’t need to hear how he urinated on it
And how you lost your temper.
You scare me.

So this is good bye
I know you will understand.

Edward G. Nilges, 21 August 2011. Moral rights have been asserted by the author, so there.

[I have to remember to sign these poems, because when I don’t, people think I am quoting a famous poem.]


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