An Essay on “Nullification”

The Satanic cause of “nullification”, the 1830 view in the United States that state legislatures can abrogate Federal law, is in the air as we head into 2012 and the election. In 1830 it was a stalking horse for slavery and today it is a stalking horse for racism.

This post was made tonight at a pro-Nullification site based in Missouri which has in the past hosted my comments without too many problems, despite the fact that my views are diametrically opposed to theirs.

You boys need to jerk yourselves around and stop this “nullification” nonsense NOW:

1. “Nullification” was a stalking horse for slavery. Southerners, more precisely wealthy and influential Southerners, were by 1830 afraid that their “peculiar institution” would be ended, as William Wilberforce had ended the international trade in slaves by 1810 (with the agreement of the United States).

“Nullification” was intended to set a legal precedent that State assemblies could vote on whether the state would obey Federal laws, a logical absurdity under the Constitution and a practical impossibility since it would create (today) fifty separate logjams in fifty separate states as regards any Federal laws…with the result of chaos in international financial markets, and the abandonment of the USA by a bemused, and amused, world.

2. “Nullification” was the Cause of one state, and one politician, alone.

The state was South Carolina, which in 1832 was still politically organized in the same way it had been as a Royal colony, with a limited franchise and two legislative houses, not split between a “higher”, more deliberative and less representative house, and a “lower” house with more popular representation…but split instead between two groups of wealthy planters, one, tidewater rice and long staple cotton growing magnates, and the other, Piedmont short staple cotton growers.

Both sets of planters lived idle and wastrel lives in Charleston on the wealth produced by their slaves: in the Tidewater, slaves worked in swampland to grow rice: in the Piedmont they used the cotton gin to process cotton. An end to slavery would mean that these boys would have to cease going to parties, getting drunk, courting white ladies and impregnating black women, and they, like wastrels before and since, had what we’d call today “low self-esteem”: they did not believe that they could earn an honest living by the sweat of their brow, even though countless Americans were doing so and do so now, and those wastrels sure as hell didn’t want to find out.

South Carolina is the cesspit that dragged the USA into war in 1861 and it was almost the sole supporting state for Nullification in the 1830s. The reason for its leverage? One man, John Calhoun, Andrew Jackson’s vice president during his first term in office.

At this time, the Vice President had independent power (as did Richard Cheney, quite unusually, under Bush). Calhoun wanted of course to be President in 1828 and cordially hated Andrew Jackson. Although Jackson was a genocidal man filled with hatred of British and Indians, he was from the “lower classes” as far as Calhoun was concerned and not concerned enough about the preservation and extension of slavery.

Calhoun saw in Nullification an opportunity to unseat Jackson in 1832 even as Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich today, being pond scum, are today denying global warming in order to win votes. He thought to get the South outside South Carolina behind Nullification and, whether or not it won or lost, create an issue that would get him into the Presidency. If it won, Calhoun would have the South in his pocket. If it lost, he could lead one of those “we’re victim” choruses that losers and wastrels have sung throughout American history, loudest in the South.

Calhoun’s monkeyshines had Old Hickory (President Jackson) spitting his teeth all over the shop, and, given Jackson’s fearsome reputation as a man who would hang Seminoles, flog soldiers, and duel politicians to the death, this was taken seriously. You see, Andy Jackson, unlike the weaklings and pond scum Presidents between him and Lincoln, was a patriot, and Jackson had witnessed the consequences of disunion and inter-state bickering during the 1780s under the Articles of Confederation, at which time the British occupied Detroit in defiance of the Treaty of Paris.

Jackson had shed blood for his country beginning in the Revolution when he was slashed in the face by a British officer and had led Americans of all races against Sir Edward Pakenham in New Orleans, and won. He hated wastrels and politicians who exploited their wastrel causes.

Jackson’s personal hatred of Calhoun doomed Nullification as South Carolina couldn’t even get the next two largest slave states (Mississippi and Louisiana) to support its nefarious plan (in South Carolina at the time, 54% of the population consisted of African slaves). Jackson therefore made common cause with the great Union man, Daniel Webster of Massachusetts, despite his equally finely honed hatred of New Englanders. Tariffs were passed and Nullification lost.

The next step in defense of the abominable slave trade was Fort Sumter…then Jim Crow, and today, several clinically insane Republican candidates such as Rick Perry, who quietly plan to destroy the Federal judiciary and in this way bring back Nullification. At which point the United States will collapse, and Russia and China will divide the spoils. I really hope you boys don’t consider yourselves patriots.

And note that some of the Founding Fathers were still around. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on the same day in 1828. In the 1790s they’d been enemies, but Adams agreed with Jefferson by correspondence that Nullification was, in Jefferson’s words, “a fire bell in the night” that would destroy the Union they’d risked their lives for…so that wastrels in Charleston could assist simpering white females to negus and slake their foul lust on black women. James Madison was still alive in 1832, and he affirmed as a drafter of the Constitution that “state sovereignity” did not have the absolute meaning it had in Europe, and in the tradition of Grotius: it did not extend to Nullification.

Today, unprincipled men, some of them completely evil, others profoundly stupid, and some clinically insane, have Satanically spread the bald faced lie that Nullification was an independent issue and logically prior to slavery, and you young fools believe this nonsense. A couple of years in the Marines is all I can prescribe, for nobody, and I mean nobody, takes Iwo Jima, the Citadel at Hue, or Fallujah in the name of a mere federation.

Make no mistake about it. Nullification is Satanic since like the White Citizen’s Councils (not “Citizens’ Councils” as recently defended by Haley Barbour), it is genteel racism.

Genteel racism enables such horrific crimes as the murder of James Craig Anderson by white youths who TAKE THEIR CUE from coded racism, from Nullification, to state’s rights, to “our way of life” and the Tea Party today. Watch the video and hang your heads in shame:

I request that this comment be made a standalone post at Missouri Tenth, and you may, in the American tradition of freedom of speech and listening to all sides of a question, label it as a dissent.


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  1. spinoza1111 Says:

    Correction: the name of the opposing British commander at the Battle of New Orleans was Sir Edward Michael Pakenham, not “Thomas Pakenham”. The text of the post has been corrected.

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