Herodias Was Du

Edward G. Nilges: “Herodias Was Du, for Terry Riley: Salome Dances for Peace”, pencil, pen and Gimp 13 Sep 2011 A4 Size


Herauf! Herauf! Zu mir!
Dein Meister ruft dich Namenlose,
Urteufelin, Höllenrose!
Herodias warst du, und was noch?
Gundryggia dort, Kundry hier:
Hieher! Hieher denn! Kundry!
Dein Meister ruft: herauf!

Come up! Come up! To me!
Your master calls you, nameless one,
primaeval witch, rose of hell!
You were Herodias, and what else?
Gundryggia there, Kundry here!
Come here! Come hither, Kundry!
Your master calls: obey!

But Parsifal RESCUES Kundry from the clutches of the speaker of the above, the evil Klingsor. It’s a Da Vinci Code: although Wagner represents Salome-Herodias-Kundry’s sexuality as tamed, it is not.


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