Dickless Wonders Mace Peaceful Women: Dickless Wonders Ignore the Story

Dr Ray Stantz: Everything was fine with our system until the power grid was shut off by dickless here.
Walter Peck: They caused an explosion!
Mayor: Is this true?
Dr. Peter Venkman: Yes it’s true.
Dr. Peter Venkman: This man has no dick.

Ghostbusters, 1981

Comments triggered by this video of peaceful women protesters being Maced and a sniffish little article by Gina Bellafante in the New York Times, under moderation at this time.

I happen to be on a visit to Australia. They don’t ignore protests in Australia, and ordinary waiters and workers are not afraid to mention the existence of a minimum wage. The bloke who says “‎”Ye’ll nevah pye full prahce agin! Min’s. Lydie’s. Children’s clothing! Bahgains gahloah”!” in front of the Global Brands Outlet near the el Alamein fountain in King’s Cross gets the Sabbath Day off. And that’s because Australians do protest butt naked when it is appropriate.

Dickless Wonders and the Weimar Republic

The dickless wonders of the New York City Police Department mace peaceful protestors in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moD2JnGTToA&feature=share: the dickless wonders of the New York Times ignore, or here, fail to cover the protests out of sheer incompetence and journalistic malpractice.

If you’re looking for a 1930s style protest with people in suits, you need to be aware of something. The ordinary, non-Master-of-the-Universe bond trader cannot join these protests despite his rage because if he or she were to do so, she or he would be terminated.

Many of these protesters are in fact the children of a former upper middle class, and they use Bohemian gestures for the same reason Weimar cabaret artists tried to epater les bourgeois.

In Weimar, the middle-upper classes were in fact dispossessed by the postwar abandonment of the gold standard and the cruel Versailles reparations. Which pushed the Weimar young past a tipping point. There was no sense in conforming when there were no jobs for professors or office workers, or these jobs were paid in worthless paper, or the new Mark was worth billions of the old.

My own postwar generation was told to get a haircut back in the 1960s, to conform and to shape up. Many of us did so, myself included. Our reward was corporate downsizing that commenced in 1981, and the destruction of our own children’s future.

I will dance half naked in protest any time I choose. And shame, shame, and nothing but shame on the New York City police for macing women who are exercising their rights to peaceful protest and assembly under the First Amendment to the American Constitution. Shame, shame, nothing but shame on you and the incompetent cowards of the New York Times.

What Trees Do Dey Plant

What trees do dey plant? – Mayor Richard J Daley, 1968

Da police are not here to create disorder, dere here to preserve disorder. – Mayor Richard J Daley, 1968

But what were the chances that its members were going to receive the attention they so richly deserve carrying signs like “Even if the World Were to End Tomorrow I’d Still Plant a Tree Today”? – Gina Bellafante

Even if the world were to end tomorrow I’d still plant a tree today, Ms. Bellafante. When you work within the system, and use as I am using here good sentence structure and correct spelling, they call you verbose and mount counter-offensives against Keynes.

The justifications for paying trillions to rescue banks and not struggling homeowners are the true Dada and the real hyper-modernism. It’s become a species of d’Annunzio’s futurism where that Italian poet and aviator thought that it was “beautiful” to bomb African villages.

But I do not find the sight of women being Maced beautiful. I find it nauseating as I find the journalistic malpractice of the New York Times disgusting, in its failure to cover this story adequately.

A Note on Ghostbusters

I took the children to see Ghostbusters in 1981 and while we loved it, I thought it rather Reaganite to make the EPA the villain. But the comment was funny, and Bill Murray’s timing was perfect.


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