March of the Dickless Wonders

“Inspector may have used pepper spray on others”

If they are shrill or they are gay
It’s time to pull out the pepper spray
There’s nothing like a little Mace
To put those ladies in their place.

Hey punk…make my day
I got a can and I wants to play
And it makes me feel really good
To cause a little blindness in the ‘hood.

To make you cry and maybe die
(If you have a pre-existing condition)
Well, that’s as American as apple pie:
Shut your mouth and learn in life your station.

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord
A street that’s safe for bankers, shoppers, the silent, and the bored.

Edward G. Nilges 29 Sep 2011. Moral rights have been asserted by the author, so bite my crank, OK?


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