Agnes and the Blot


Agnes didn’t want to learn Chinese
So she tickled her nose to make herself sneeze
Which, faster than you could even think,
Caused the Cat to wake up and take a drink,
Which caused the Dog to yawn and blink,
Which caused the Parrot to turn red and pink,
Which caused the Goldfish to raise a stink,
Which caused the Mouse to collide with the Ink,
Which turned it over and plinketty-plink
Agnes’ Copybook had an enormous Blot
Which caused her Teacher, Wong, to say hey hey, what what
Chinese this most definitely is Not.

Edward G. Nilges 2 Oct 2011. Moral rights have been asserted by the Author nyah ha ha.

The assistance of Agnes For Real is acknowledged. She is a most intelligent and diligent student in fact.


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