Dickless Wonders Attract the Attention of the USMC

Check this out.

“Don’t protest it isn’t like a man
Smother the rage by reading Ayn Rand:
Suck up the abuse, the 12 hours days
Debugging crap software in the corporate maze.”

“A real man would pull a 24/7
If he wants to go to corporate heaven
Come on, the boss wants it running today
And if you can’t debug it then maybe you’re gay.
Stop lookin’ out the window there’s nothing to see
I tell you that can’t be the USMC.”

“Fuck you and go home and play with your kids
Can’t take the pressure of bonds and of bids
Hey wait a second where ya going there’s work to be done
What’s that you say, shove it? You son of a gun.”

“And put out that cigarette this is a nonsmoking office
What’s that you say? Up my fat hairy orifice?
You’ll never eat lunch in this town again
What’s that you say? Are we not men?”

Edward G. Nilges 3 Oct 2011. Moral rights have been asserted by the author, so shove it.


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