Penny for the Guy?

Please, #Occupy Wall Street without those idiotic Guy Fawkes masks!

As a terrorist who wanted to subject England to Spain, Guy Fawkes set Catholic emancipation back to 1830.

But deeper than this, wearing a mask makes a sickening statement: that you’re more important than an ordinary person and have a Secret Identity, the basic Male Fantasy when you desire to avoid facing, with sober senses, the real conditions of your life.

Look at the fixed smirk on the mask. It is oh so superior, pitying and in the know, and the wearer is usually one of those annoying lunatics, who, having been cheated out of an education by universities that no longer impose core requirements, thinks that dismantling civilization in the form of public schools or the Federal Reserve will bring us all to some sort of ill defined Zion.

Men are afraid so afraid today. My sons don’t hate me, I know, they just don’t call is all because they are trying to be strong silent types. Heck with that, we used to stay up all night talking in the 1960s.

Whereas women expose their faces to the world at the risk of getting Maced (when idiots aren’t forcing them to veil against their will). They produce half the wealth of the world, holding up half the sky in a literal sense. They aren’t paid at all for housework and they STILL make about 60 cents on the dollar world wide.

LET THAT be your “fiat money”; it’s payment for labor that is unpaid.

Since the abandonment of the gold standard, which was “necessary” to finance the carnage of World War I without discommoding the comfortable classes, governments have exercised what IS a sovereign power: the power to print money. Boo hoo. Nice work to have, and in a Constitutional republic, we need a Federal Reserve simply to ensure that the People of the United States have control, ultimately, over the central bank.

Credit extension has taken the place of the absolute need to reproduce labor that is extracted without payment. Today’s hypercapitalism extracts labor without paying because that is gold to them. Here are some forms:

1. Working a software developer 16 hours a day while paying him for eight while brow-beating him, lowering his self-esteem and destroying his family.

2. Forcing his wife to care for two children and pick up after them and him 24/7 while in untreated post-partum depression whilst software boy fills the house with smoke and triggers serious asthma in his eldest son, while not being able to afford the psychotherapy that might have ended his addiction to nicotine.

3. Paying that wife too little when after the resulting divorce, she uses her perfect grammar and spelling to record the minutes of City Council meetings that last well into the evening, in which rich homeowners tear into renters in her community.

4. Working a teacher five years at six days a week without a raise despite the fact that the children love his kindness and the books he buys to read to them especially Madeline of Paris, and despite the fact that he brings in new business.

5. Destroying his ex-wife’s access to health care and day care and offering instead predatory loans.

6. Stealing the grown son’s last paycheck at more than one job.

7. Marshalling resentment against the other son’s good looks and failure to be a predator, just a hard working entrepreneur.

This specific laundry list has only to be multiplied billions of times to include the Beijing teacher who dares not ask for a raise because his grandfather was a landlord, the scholarship boy in the UK who can’t afford posh accent classes, the French woman who fails the Bac and the Mongolian yak herder who is too kind to his frigging yaks.

Take it seriously people. Bourdieu (the French philosopher and social theorist) calls it The Weight of the World. Because economists are, despite their pretension, NOT scientists, only charlatans and whores who confuse scientific asceticism with science, they, unlike physicists, will not speak of this Weight of the World, this “dark matter”, this Satanic extraction of surplus value.

But Marx did.

We need to face this. We’ve worked for free because a white collar economy makes it easy to extract our time. This is the problem and not the Federal Reserve.


2 Responses to “Penny for the Guy?”

  1. spinoza1111 Says:

    Marx would say think scientifically, although he disregarded self-reflexivity which is a key difference between economics and physics. Labor exists and hasn’t dropped dead despite the fact that so much is underpaid, especially women’s labor. Why? Up until about 1980, the reason was the welfare state. After 1980, it was Visa (etc.): welfare didn’t go away (it cannot if you need labor and you need labor) it was privatized.

    Which means that we need world wide debt forgiveness, perhaps focused on the debts of women. Then we can talk about the gold standard which might allow people to work and save and create a legacy for their children.

  2. spinoza1111 Says:

    You also need to take into account that significant fraction of labour’s spending that constitutes investment on behalf of his current or future employers.

    Education K12 through college should be absolutely free and open to talents; this means testing, and again, boo fucking hoo. This is because the college graduate represents high value to the employer.

    When the employee “wastes money” buying a Mac Air for 12K Hong Kong Dollars when she “should have” bought an HP Mini for 4K, she is making an investment on behalf of the graphics firm for which she works or would like to work.

    I can buy a commodity Motorola mobile…or a Blackberry. A Blackberry would allow me to be on call more which would benefit all my employers. Damned if I’ll get a blackberry, but even my little Motorola is a tool of my clients when they use up storage sending me offers. Keep ’em coming, guys, but in a truly scientific economics, this would be taken into account.

    In physics, our ignorance is a form of knowledge in an almost Taoist sense. Heisenberg and the Copenhagen school incorporated our ignorance (while Einstein was unable to) and this created quantum theory…in which an electron is a cloud of possible positions. Long before the very different matter of “cloud computing”, physicists used the simple math of intervals and inequalities to advance human knowledge.

    But apart from certain parts of Keynes, what do economists including Marx do? They make all unknowns into statistical anomalies which can be ignored. This had lethal effects in Stalin, in Kolakowski a logical consequence of Leninism which also in Kolakowski is a logical consequence of Marxism itself. The statistical norm became the moral norm, and as a landowner or some guy wearing a beret, you were under Stalin liquidated as Marx had dismissed whole classes of labour (including women’s work) because, as an economist, that is what you do. You ignore marginalia even though chaos theory, which didn’t exist in Marx’s time, shows how marginal changes can have big results.

    This is also my fat pal’s (Adorno’s) nominalism, which extended classical nominalism. Not only are concepts inadequate and conventional, they are also sticks of shitfire that have lethal effects.

    At the cheeseball consulting firm I was at in 1981, I had the feeling that I was considered an anomaly precisely because I was so diligent, so very well dressed, so lean and handsome too.

    [No shit, and the trouble really started after I started running. Basically, I no longer looked like a nerd and the client was paying for a myth: the skinny or fat nerd who compensates for a wasted life by knowing things, such as the fact that bit 12 is Ascii mode on the 360 or that the caller of a BAL subroutine provides a save area].

    You have to be careful of making nerds conscious of their odd socks and bellies. The firm didn’t value my labour time. It threw that away like ivory hunters leaving the carcass of the Elephant.

    Marx would say they wanted my labour POWER, my very ability to work and my dignity and self esteem. We were numbers on a spreadsheet, “warm bodies” thrown in front of mainframes to make them work, or failing that, make the client think they worked. Anything beyond this was brutally suppressed by a man who went on to fail to automate automobile navigation.

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