Cain’s Accusers Threatened by the Flea Monsters

Herman Cain’s absurd campaign for the Presidency has brought forth women who believably charge him with sexual harassment. If you ever wonder how it is such intellectually and spiritually dead men advance especially in the moral black holes created by merchant associations such as Cain’s National Restaurant Association, associations, the answer is their use of sex for power in an absence of real market discipline or a sense of public service.

These shadowy manufacturers’ and merchants’ associations are labor unions for capitalists and they manipulate media in the interests of private wealth. Their executives are generally incompetents attracted by cushy jobs in which they can throw their weight and penis around. Adam Smith condemned them in In the Wealth of Nations; yet while labor unions are under constant attack, employers form these associations all the time.

Thirty years ago I was asked after being terminated by a Chicago consulting firm (which sought business without accountability from a variety of merchant associations on the Near North Side) why I didn’t make a play for a managerial woman who, my cynical mentor informed me too late, was hot for my body, and thereby in the real economy of that firm save my job and even advance. My only answer was that I was married although that same termination terminated my marriage. Live and learn? No, slide over the sill and escape, gnawing off your leg like an animal in a trap as needed.

Anyway, this New York Times article is sickening. What was unleashed on Anita Hill in 1992, when Hill so rightly challenged the credentials of a clown who’s now one of the worst justices in the history of the SCOTUS, has only been refined. It includes childish rhymes from Rush Limbaugh which would shame a fourteen year old. One can only hope that we are now at the point of “conservative” overreach, a point Joe McCarthy reached when McCarthy charged an associate of Joseph Welch with Communism after promising he would not do so, ruining that young man’s life in a heartbeat.

The personal backgrounds of each one of Cain’s accusers will be viciously exposed in a way unique to rape and sexual harassment charges. Bankruptcies will be mentioned and other sexual harassment charges, which could mean that the woman in question doesn’t take shit lying down, will be used to tell a story of a witch who uses the law to destroy men.

The indications from recent elections in which voters rejected union busting, “the unborn child is a person but the mother is not” and other Tea Bag initiatives indicate that this point of surfeit may have been reached. William Blake, thou should’st be alive at this hour, but since you’re not, here goes:

Anyone who could mock Sharon Bialek
By pronouncing her name as “buy a lick”
May be said to have no dick
And he makes me to my stomach rather sick.

‘Twas in an earlier and far happier time
When a man could say to Joe McCarthy, you are slime
And ask him man to man, sir, say unto me
Have you no shame, no sense of decency?

But as you know, this was a long time ago
And what we’ve become, well we don’t really wish to know.
We’ve become the guy down at the ass end of the bar
Raving and sniggering by turns, the soul of the flea, beholds itself in the glass.
Bankrupt she? Bankrupt you, by far.

Edward G. Nilges 10 Nov 2011. Moral rights have been asserted, chumps.

William Blake: The Ghost of a Flea


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