Perdita, or, Detail of Peter’s Crazy Aunt Cartoon

Edward G. Nilges, “Perdita, Detail of Cartoon for Peter’s Crazy Knucklehead Flibbertigibbet Aunt Dances to Bach, and the Zydeco Music of Clifton Chenier, on the Strand”, pencil, pen, Dec 2011

‎”I am ashamed: does not the stone rebuke me
For being more stone than it?”

Shakespeare: The Winter’s Tale

Leontes, in his madness, was jealous of his good wife, Hermione. He cast her aside but she was hidden by good Paulina. He sent his daughter Perdita away to be abandoned to the elements. But Perdita was saved by a good shepherd, and the counselor who abandoned her was chased and eaten by a bear.

Years passed, and Leontes’ royal friend’s son fell in love with a Shepherd Girl who was none but Perdita. She was reunited with her father, who was then brought by good Paulina to see a statue of Hermione. But the statue was no statue, it was instead Hermione, standing quite still.

Music played and Hermione descended to be reunited with Leontes and Perdita. There was great rejoicing in the kingdom, and lemme tellya something: they lived happily ever after.



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