My Solstice Poem for 2011!

In the winter o winter so wild
We think we need a Father,
We think we need a Dad,
A big kind mass of man in the night
Who checks for monsters and turns out the light,

But what we get is a Babe so Mild,
A merest child,
Watched o’er by donkeys and by cows,
And a mother who sorta wishes her own Mom was there
‘Cause she doesn’t think she knows how to for a Baby, to care.

But one of the wise men is Dr. Benjamin Spock,
No, dumbass, not Mr. Spock,
The baby doctor who protested the war,
And he says, to her and me and you,
You know, my dearest Lady, more than you think you do.

Edward G. Nilges, 23 Dec 2011. Moral rights have been asserted and there are no outstanding warrants as far as I know.

Edward G. Nilges, “An Angel Spreads Rumors of Angels”, Aug 2010, pencil, pen, and Gimp modifications


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