Peter’s Crazy Aunt as of 24 December

Edward G. Nilges, “State of ‘Peter’s Crazy Knucklehead Flibbertigibbet Aunt Dances to Bach on the Strand, and Also to the Zydeco Sounds of Clifton Chenier, the King of the Bayou”, acrylic wash on canvas, 60cm * 80cm, 24 Dec 2011

A wounded deer leaps highest,
I’ve heard the hunter tell;
‘T is but the ecstasy of death,
And then the brake is still.

The smitten rock that gushes,
The trampled steel that springs;
A cheek is always redder
Just where the hectic stings!

Mirth is the mail of anguish,
In which it cautions arm,
Lest anybody spy the blood
And “You’re hurt” exclaim!

– Emily Dickinson

Slowly pushing the acrylic wash chiaroscuro out from the figure to create a coherent space. A bold dark wash had me in for a penny, in for a pound resulting in a dark and dramatic tonality in which the figure is constructed by the relationship of highlights on her face below her eyes, on her arms, breasts, legs, and, most dramatically, on her twisted and narrow midsection, which insists on being what it is.

Listen! To Sellinger’s Round. Click these words and it will open in a new YouTube window, and you can come back here if you like.


Come away children, come away with me
When you’re dancing they cannot see.

After digging on the Zydeco sound
She will dance Sellinger’s round.
For the body’s limits are defined by pleasure
The body’s limits are circumscribed by pain,
Which is why like Watteau’s La Camargo she dances in measure
Her foot leaves not the human stain.

She talked back to the warlord,
To the general with only one star
And he let the children the bus to board
And they got away from the war.

But you wouldn’t know it days later
She sure knew how to party
To pain she said see ya later alligator
I’ll save my tears…for later.

Plorans ploravit in the night?
Hey I saved every goddamn little mite.

Come away children, come away with me
When you’re dancing they cannot see.

[BETH: Plorans ploravit in nocte: tr. as she weepeth sore in the night.]

Edward G. Nilges 25 Dec 2011. Moral rights have been asserted by the author. Happy Christmas (the war is over) (if you want it).


One Response to “Peter’s Crazy Aunt as of 24 December”

  1. spinoza1111 Says:

    You Tube has added ads which jar, but if that’s what it takes to get magic TV on demand and the music of Glenn Gould and Clifton Chenier (the king of the Bayou) I’m cool. A National Public YouTube would be simply a waste since access to the profit site is relatively easy and the ads support the content.

    I experimented with making my own YouTube videos a year or so ago but they are crap: here:

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