A Dance Performance

Daniel Garrett, “Photo of Edward Nilges’ Dance Performance in Southorn Playground, Wanchai, Hong Kong, 4 Dec 2011”

This was my first public dance performance and it left something to be desired but it had its moments. Thanks to Dan Gar for the photo.

The theme was that the Apple ads for the iPods show people dancing but nobody, at least in Hong Kong, is so uncool as to respond to music in public.

I respect the cultural reasons for this but miss Chicago of the 1970s when not only would guys get over by popping moves, they would also bring boom boxes on the El to share My Girl (Talkin’ ’bout My Girl) with the world.

Funny thing is how I never found this “annoying” but that very word, “annoying” became a sort of Yuppie code word for a range of urban phenomena, from guys popping moves, to girls dressed “inappropriately” and even unto my texts of the time, which were mostly software articles and documentation, considered annoying because they were so literate as to leave NOTHING to the imagination.

I gave a little talk and then told the story of Orpheus and Euridyce while dancing to Gluck’s overture to the opera. Only at one point did my slightly gimpy left leg give way. I drew an Improving Moral from the story:

Guys, don’t ignore your bride upon your wedding day
And don’t confuse the little lady with a serving maid or there will indeed be hell to pay.

According to Garcia Lorca, the great Roma/Siegourner/Gypsy dancer La Malena didn’t respond to Gluck but said of Bach that Bach had duende. This because Gluck’s music was music for use, and needs to be sung and danced. Whereas Bach probably annoyed people because he wrote absolute music a For Itself. A fellow cast member on Glengarry last March said mysteriously that I am a one man show. I exclude. Too much, but I rather doubt there’s a career for me in Las Vegas as a showgirl in a troupe at this juncture.

Telling stories while you dance…hmm, an original idea…perhaps too original.

Beats working.


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